Broward Democratic Party Condemns “Blue Card”

The Broward Democratic Party denounces the deplorable campaign tactics of political operative Dan Lewis, Florida Democracy Project, and the attempt to mislead voters with the “Blue Card” slate. Florida’s Democracy Project is a registered PAC run by Dan Lewis at his home address. He is a paid political operative. The Broward Democratic Party does not endorse any candidate in a Democratic Primary, and remains neutral in judicial races. The only position that the party has taken in the August Primary is to support Constitutional Amendment 4, which allows incentives for solar power.

Broward Democratic Party Chair Cynthia Busch said, “I want to make it very clear to voters that the Democratic Party is in no way connected to the “Blue Card”. This is an underhanded tactic that tarnishes the Democratic process.”

Busch went on to say, “I have no knowledge that anyone who appears on the card is responsible for the actions of Mr. Lewis. Candidates should not be unfairly associated with this type of behavior.”

Further, Lewis used the contact information of Northern Broward Democratic Club President Joanne Goodwin without her permission. The Broward Democratic Party has received multiple contacts from voters who were deceived into believing that Goodwin was responsible for the card.

Goodwin stated, “I am outraged that Dan Lewis put my contact information on this card without my knowledge or permission. I hope that voters do not mistake my name on the card as an endorsement or rejection of the candidates listed.”

Goodwin is considering her legal options.

Lewis has been fined in the past for violating election law, and was also caught using a counterfeit union seal on his card.

Broward Democratic Party Chair Cynthia Busch said, “Dan Lewis continues to put out the Blue Card despite the fact voters are deceived into thinking that it is somehow connected to the Democratic Party. Even being found to have violated election law hasn’t stopped him. Please be sure to look for the Broward Democratic Party logo on all Broward Democratic Party communications. The official logo can be found at

FDP Announces 2016 Democratic National Convention Delegation

Congratulations to all the Broward Democrats elected to be Delegates to the National Convention!
We know you will represent Broward County and the Democratic party well.

Today, the Florida Democratic Party announced the finalized 2016 Democratic National Convention delegation. Following the completion of today’s delegate selection process, Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant made the following statement:

“We’re thrilled to announce that after record-breaking turnout we have completed our delegate selection process for the 2016 Democratic National Convention. I want to thank each and every Democrat who participated in this process and helped make it an incredible success. Florida Democrats are fired up and ready to take on Donald Trump and the Florida Republicans who have rushed to embrace his brand of bigotry and xenophobia.”

For a list of the 140 pledged delegates, please click here.

The following Florida Democrats were elected today by the 140 pledged delegates to serve as At Large, PLEO, and Alternate delegates to the 2016 Democratic National Convention:

Party Leader and Elected Official (PLEO) Delegates

For Secretary Hillary Clinton:

Lori Berman
Cynthia Chestnut
Janet Cruz
Anne Gannon
Audrey Gibson
Mia Jones
Darden Rice
Barbara Shareif
Oscar Braynon
Bob Buckhorn
Buddy Dyer
Andrew Gillum
Philip Levine
Thomas Masters
Wayne Messam
Jean Monestime
Jared Moskowitz
Eleanor Sobel

For Senator Bernie Sanders:

Deanie Bergbreiter
Cynthia Busch
Amber Cansino
Adriana Gonzalez
Samantha Herring
James Auffant
Dwight Bullard
Alix Desulme
Matt Killen
Ali Kurnaz


At Large Delegates

For Secretary Hillary Clinton:

Ana Cruz
Jessica Davis
Margo Dixon
Wanda Francis
Kat Gordon
Karen Green
Millie Herrera
Ginger Lew
Wendi Lipsich
Lynette Long
Joanne McCall
Deidra Newton
Nan Rich
Ghazala Salam
Isabel Santos
Alex Sink
Freddy Balsera
Vince Cameron
Manny Diaz
Marcus Dixon
Bob Graham
Steven Hall
Alex Heckler
Christopher Korge
Luis Lauredo
Raul Martinez
Deandre Poole
John Ramos
David Richardson
Chirstian Ulvert

For Senator Bernie Sanders:

Rose Campbell
Maria Camillo
Sara Coutu
Gillian Edwards Brown
Marissa Lee
Denise Lombardi
Wendy Marie Sejour
Ciera Smith
Kris Zolondek
Thomas Egan
Amos Miers
AJ Nichols
Kirk Root
Nkume Sobe
Bradley Van Waus
Adam Woodhall

Alternate Delegates

For Secretary Hillary Clinton:

Toni Alfred
Linda Bird
Margaret Ellington
Stephanie Garza
Catherine Theriault
Vangie Watson
Mohammad Akther
Arthur Costa
Vincent Evans
Luke Flynt
Jonathan Oriole
Dean Trantalis

For Senator Bernie Sanders:

Doreen Dupont
Shivani Patel
Rhetta Peoples
Nico Armesto
Shane Harris
Paul Stolc

Apply to be a Delegate at the Democratic National Convention

Broward Democrats,

The deadline to apply to run as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention is approaching!

There is still time to participate! If you would like to take part in Florida’s 2016 National Convention Delegate Selection Process, you must complete the 2016 “District Level Delegate Filing Form” and return it to the Florida Democratic Party no later than Friday April 7th. 2016.

This year’s convention will be held the week of July 25th – 28th in Philadelphia, PA.

Florida Democrats will elect 140 district-level delegates on May 7th, 2016 from each of Florida’s 27 congressional districts at designated congressional district caucuses. The results of Florida’s March 15, 2016 presidential primary election were used to apportion delegates to the national convention.

You can download and complete your District level Delegate form here.

Click here to get more information on the delegate process

District level Caucus Locations will be located throughout Broward County. For further information about caucus locations and voting times click here.

If you have any questions about the process and submitting your application please contact State Committeeman Ken Evans at 954-684-3690 or State Committeewoman Maggie Davidson at 954-942-8711.

Good Luck to all our candidates!

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