Rick Scott Includes Stump Speech In Taxpayer Funded Letters To New Attorneys?



Last month Rick Scott began sending out taxpayer funded letters to those receiving new or renewed business licenses in Florida. Those letters, which at the time, numbered 425,596, echoed Rick Scott campaign talking points and stated his “goals” for Florida: Making Florida the “No. 1 place for business,” lowering the cost of living, and making sure school’s “prepare students for the career or college of their dreams.” That he would appear to be using taxpayer funded letters to campaign prompted the group Florida For All to file a Freedom Of Information Act request to ask just that question.

Now Scott is up to the same thing elsewhere.

This time he’s sending out similar taxpayer funded letters to new attorneys as they are admitted to the Florida Bar. The letters devote only a small space for the stated purpose of congratulations, while the remaining space is used to explain how awesome Rick Scott is for Florida, and he claims the state was losing jobs before he came to the rescue. Now, he doesn’t mention any names in the letter, but members of the Florida Bar are smart enough to put two and two together.

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