Gov’s staff offers up incomplete timeline of prison cover-up; governor can’t find words to explain it

Miami Herald | Julie Brown and Marc Caputo | Friday, Sep. 26, 2014

Gov. Rick Scott’s office came to the defense of his chief inspector general Friday saying that the reason she couldn’t investigate claims of a suspicious inmate death brought to her by an anonymous letter nearly two years ago was because the case was under an open investigation.

But, according to a detailed timeline released by the media office in response to a Miami Herald report, there was no investigation pending in the gassing death of Randall Jordan-Aparo when Melinda Miguel received the letter.

The 27-year-old inmate died in September 2010 after being doused with chemical agents three times in 13 minutes while in a confinement cell. Florida prison officials and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement had closed the case in July 2012, concluding there was no relationship between the gassing and the inmate’s death.

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