GOP “gotcha” getting old

Sun-Sentinel Letters to the Editor
by Bruce David Wilner
October 29, 2013

In the latest Republican attempt at an Obama administration “gotcha,” it has now been revealed that “Joe Somebody” warned his management about the 2012 Benghazi crisis way ahead of time. Naturally, the Republicans seized upon this like a famished dog seizing a steak.

Of course, the Republicans fail to note that all day, every day, government employees are “warning” their management about this or that. Perhaps one percent of these dire warnings end up materializing.

But when some spectacular fallout or some five-cent misstep is evidenced, the Republicans are there like the Walking Dead to snap it up in a futile attempt to embarrass the Obama administration.

It is so very unfortunate that the Republicans have degenerated into the Petulance Party. You know, Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. Theodore Roosevelt was a Republican. Today’s folks are not of such standing.

But it is so very, very entertaining to see Fox’s array of multi-millionnaire co-hosts carping and sniping about this miscellaneous nonsense.

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