Broward Dems Chair Mitch Ceasar on The Ed Show Discussing Hillary Clinton

The Ed Show

GOP uses email scandal against Hillary Clinton

Personal email accounts used by Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State raise questions about transparency and access to documents in the Benghazi investigation, causing potential problems for a 2016 run. Ed Schultz, Jennifer Granholm, Mitch Ceasar.

Broward Dems Chair Mitch Ceasar on the Ed Show Discussing Immigration

THE ED SHOW 2/25/15
President Obama directly addresses immigration Republican attempt to stop Pres. Obama’s executive order on immigration puts families and even national security at risk. Ed Schultz, Annette Taddeo, Mitch Caesar and Ana Rivas Logan discuss ahead of MSNBC’s exclusive Town Hall meeting with the President.

President Barack Obama’s 2015 State of the Union Speech

Broward Dems Chair Mitch Ceasar on the Ed Show discussing GOP Nominees for 2016

THE ED SHOW 01/12/15

Mitt vs. Jeb for 2016 nomination

Third time could be a charm for Mitt Romney, who begins looking into another presidential run, potentially pitting him against Jeb Bush for the GOP nomination. Ed Schultz, Mitch Caesar and Mitch Caesar discuss.

Broward Dems Chair Mitch Ceasar on NBC 6 Impact with Jackie Nespral

Mitch Ceasar talks about Florida’s 2014 year in politics.
Segment begins at the 14:00 mark

Broward Democratic Party Chair Mitch Ceasar on the Ed Show discussing 2016 Presidential Campaign Speculation

The Ed Show 12/23/14

2016 Speculation Heats Up

Major players in the Republican Party fuel speculation for the potential nominee for 2016. Craig Melvin, Jonathan Alter, Ana Rivas Logan and Mitch Caesar discuss.

Broward Democratic Party Chair Mitch Ceasar on the Ed Show discussing ending the Cuban embargo

The Ed Show 12/17/14

US opens communications with Cuba

Pres. Obama changes decades old policy, planning to open up communication with Cuba following the release of two American prisoners. Ed Schultz, Annette Taddeo, Mitch Ceasar and Santiago Canton discuss the impact.

Lawmakers file bill to reform Florida Public Service Commission

Two Tampa Bay area lawmakers announced Friday that they have filed legislation to reform the state Public Service Commission following a series of controversial decisions by regulators.

Sen. John Legg, R-Trinity, and newly elected Rep. Chris Sprowls, R-Palm Harbor, said ratepayers have lost confidence in the PSC and they want to take steps to restore the public trust.

The proposed reforms include:

• Limiting commissioners to two consecutive terms;

• Creating five districts for commissioners that align with the District Courts of Appeal;

• Requiring commissioners to live in the district from which they are appointed;

• Prohibiting elected officials from being appointed to the PSC for two years after leaving office.

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Post Election Note from Broward Democratic Chair Mitch Ceasar

From: Chairman Ceasar
Election 2014 is concluded and it was not a pleasant experience in Florida or nationally. However you should all be proud of your work during this cycle. You where magnificent. You volunteered for phone banks, knocked on doors, worked early voting and distributed Palm Cards.

The Crist Campaign had informed me that they needed a Broward margin of approximately 175 thousand votes. Broward delivered 176 thousand. With a turnout of almost 46 percent. This is a substantial increase over 2010. That was accomplished even through many of our senior super voters have been lost over the last four years. We spent advertising dollars in the minority community. This was about boosting turnout and “doing the right thing”.
We picked up numerous municipal seats by beating Republicans. In fact, the Coral Springs City Commission is now a Democratic majority. Additionally our north end folks ensured a return of Congresswomen Lois Frankel and State Senator Maria Sachs.

You performed all of these good works despite a National Republican wave. I so much appreciate your endless days of hard work. Thank you for being so awesome.

Broward Dems Chair Mitch Ceasar on the Ed Show

Democrats aim to make Florida ‘Scott-free’
Early voters in Florida are energized, based on the issues, and have been getting out the vote for Democratic Gubenatorial Candidate Charlie Crist. Ed Schultz traveled to Fort Lauderdale to speak with voters and candidate for Lt. Gov. Annette Taddeo. Mitch Ceasar and Adam Smith also join the conversation.