Broward Democratic Party Condemns “Blue Card”

The Broward Democratic Party denounces the deplorable campaign tactics of political operative Dan Lewis, Florida Democracy Project, and the attempt to mislead voters with the “Blue Card” slate. Florida’s Democracy Project is a registered PAC run by Dan Lewis at his home address. He is a paid political operative. The Broward Democratic Party does not endorse any candidate in a Democratic Primary, and remains neutral in judicial races. The only position that the party has taken in the August Primary is to support Constitutional Amendment 4, which allows incentives for solar power.

Broward Democratic Party Chair Cynthia Busch said, “I want to make it very clear to voters that the Democratic Party is in no way connected to the “Blue Card”. This is an underhanded tactic that tarnishes the Democratic process.”

Busch went on to say, “I have no knowledge that anyone who appears on the card is responsible for the actions of Mr. Lewis. Candidates should not be unfairly associated with this type of behavior.”

Further, Lewis used the contact information of Northern Broward Democratic Club President Joanne Goodwin without her permission. The Broward Democratic Party has received multiple contacts from voters who were deceived into believing that Goodwin was responsible for the card.

Goodwin stated, “I am outraged that Dan Lewis put my contact information on this card without my knowledge or permission. I hope that voters do not mistake my name on the card as an endorsement or rejection of the candidates listed.”

Goodwin is considering her legal options.

Lewis has been fined in the past for violating election law, and was also caught using a counterfeit union seal on his card.

Broward Democratic Party Chair Cynthia Busch said, “Dan Lewis continues to put out the Blue Card despite the fact voters are deceived into thinking that it is somehow connected to the Democratic Party. Even being found to have violated election law hasn’t stopped him. Please be sure to look for the Broward Democratic Party logo on all Broward Democratic Party communications. The official logo can be found at