Broward Dems Chair Mitch Ceasar on the Ed Show Discussing the Minimum Wage

The GOP is tired of the minimum wage

The American people have a chance to vote out Republican governors who fail to raise the minimum wage and create jobs across red states. Ed Schultz, Ruth Conniff, Mitch Caesar and Mike Papantonio discuss.

Mitch Ceasar on The Ed Show Discussing Rick Scott and Early Voting

Rick Scott’s hypocritical ballot backtrack

In Trenders, George Bush Sr. wants out of Democratic ads, while a horse ditches work for a wild ride in New York City. Ed Schultz and Mitch Caesar discuss Rick Scott hypocritical take on Florida’s early voting.

VIDEO: Broward Democratic Party Shares Why We Need to Vote this November

Broward Dems Chair Mitch Ceasar on The Ed Show

Rick Scott’s ‘Shady State’ politics

The Florida gubernatorial race heats up, with VP Biden and the First Lady heading down south to stump for Democratic Candidate Charlie Crist. Ed Schultz, Mitch Caesar and Ana Rivas Logan discuss.