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Last week: Kudos to U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch for his action, which provided the impetus in the awarding of 24 Medals of Honor at the White House this week. These heroes were overlooked because they were not viewed “as equals.” Apparently Jewish and Hispanic soldiers were not considered because of their “background.” Lets hope that acts of sacrifice and valor will now be viewed on their merit and not by their bloodlines.

A LONG List Of President Obama’s Accomplishments (With Citations)

Addicting Info

If you’re one of those folks who thinks President Obama is a “disappointment,” you haven’t been paying attention the last few years. And those of you who try to draw comparisons with the Bush Administration should put away the hallucinogens and have your memory checked.  If you were in a coma for the eight Bush Years, I apologize and forgive you. But please join the real world. So far, this president has done most of what he said he would do if elected; imagine what he could have done by now if progressives had supported him and not given him a Congress that doesn’t look at him as if he’s the demon seed.

Not only is Obama NOT a “disappointment,” he’s pretty much the opposite.

Not only is he NOT a “disappointment,” he’s pretty much the opposite. And no, I don’t just say that because he took out Osama bin Laden, helped Libya determine their own destiny for the first time in a while, and because he seems able to handle international incidents without starting a new war. The guy does nearly everything we elect a president to do, and he doesn’t brag about it constantly.

Is he perfect? No, he’s human. Does he deserve some criticism? I suppose, but I must admit I haven’t seen any complaints that were of based on anything having to do with the real world. One I can’t forgive him for is pulling Janet Napolitano out of Arizona. But the thing is, on balance, he’s mostly stellar. Besides, criticism about certain specific problems is one thing; taking on an overall “Obama sucks” meme not only has the potential to put Willard Romney into power, it’s also a lie. Just because you wanted a president who would give you a glitter-farting unicorn and didn’t quite get that doesn’t mean he’s not doing well at the job we hired him for.

What follows is a PARTIAL list of Obama’s accomplishments so far. Unlike many such lists, there is a link to a citation supporting every single one.

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Rick Scott’s Campaign Could Be Fined $82 Million

Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s (R) reelection campaign could be fined as much as $82 million if found guilty of an accusation of campaign finance violations.

State Democratic Party chair Allison Tant filed a complaint with the Florida Elections Committee on Monday, alleging Scott’s campaign illegally transferred nearly $27.4 million from the governor’s longstanding but now-shuttered electioneering communication organization, called “Let’s Get To Work,” to a newly formed political committee of the same name.

Scott, who opened the original Let’s Get To Work while running for governor in 2010, continued fundraising for it even after taking office; it was closed out earlier this month in favor of the committee. At heart of the allegations from Democrats is the difference between how electioneering communication organizations and committees are allowed to operate.

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Video of 2014 Broward Democratic Unity Dinner

Broward Democratic Party Meeting March 18

This month we celebrate the achievements of women in society. We win because women share a Democratic philosophy. The “War on Women” by Republicans has only intensified. Whether it is work place issues, or the freedom of “choice”, we must always stand together. Remember discrimination against one must be recognized as discrimination against all.

Special Guest

Lynne Joshi is President of the League of Women Voters of Broward County. Lynne has resided in Broward County since 2009, after living in Wilmington, Delaware for 28 years. She joined the League of Women Voters of Greater Wilmington in 1981 where she served as Treasurer of the Delaware state league and as state Public Relations Chair.

A native of Mobile, Alabama, Lynne earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Auburn University. She holds two Master’s Degrees – one from Louisiana State University and one in Library and Information Science from Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA.

During her professional career, she worked with the Cooperative Extension Service as a 4-H youth advisor in several states. After receiving her library science degree, she was employed as a medical librarian for 17 years and during that time was active in the Medical Library Association.

In addition to spending quality time with her daughter, and two wonderful granddaughters, Lynne enjoys sewing, reading and hiking.